Here are some the issues that I will address when I am on the campaign trail.


I believe that taxes are too high and tax laws are too complex. Our current tax system puts too much pressure on Missouri’s small businesses, entrepreneurs, and working families, and it keeps our economy from growing. To allow Missouri to compete with neighboring states for the jobs we need, we must work to simplify our tax code and lower the tax burden.


As a practicing attorney, I have seen the good and bad of our judiciary and have grown to appreciate just how important an effective justice system is. The framers of our constitution believed strongly in free and open access to our court system, and I believe that protecting this right is a paramount goal of maintaining a free society.


I believe that partisan elections have no place in our judicial branch, whether at the local, circuit, or appellate level. The impartiality of our judicial system is of the utmost importance, and we cannot risk the scales of justice being tilted by campaign contributions. In the courtroom, Missourians should not have to worry about whether the judge deciding their case will be swayed by political contributions from the opposing party.


Without an educated and trained workforce, our economy cannot recover. We must provide our children with a world-class education that will give them a competitive advantage in the global economy. Whether in elementary school, high school, trade school, or college, training and education are essential for future success. If I am elected, I will work to defend our schools from the constant cuts to education that have become a hallmark of the budget process in recent years.

Smaller Government

We must find ways to lessen the regulatory burdens on Missourians. Our entrepreneurs and working families need the ability to be creative, grow, and be successful without the burden of unnecessary red tape. Our bloated government is keeping too many Missourians from
obtaining the family-supporting jobs we need. Small businesses and manufacturers will not come to or stay in Missouri if government bureaucrats continue to stand in the way of economic growth.


If elected, I will work to protect taxpayer money by pushing for cuts to wasteful spending on unnecessary programs. Too often, politicians take the easy way out and cut programs like education rather than touching their own pork projects. We need to make targeted cuts that will allow us to balance the budget, eliminate waste, and maintain necessary services without implementing any tax increases.

Job Creation and Economic Development

Job creation will be my number one priority in the Missouri House of Representatives. The working families of Jefferson County are suffering due to the prolonged recession, and we need to do all we can to make sure we have the tools to ensure the creation and retention of family-supporting jobs. We cannot afford for our Department of Economic Development to continue giving taxpayer handouts to companies without doing their research; that’s how we wound up with the Mamtek mess. Missouri has a lot to offer – abundant resources, good infrastructure, and highly-qualified workers – and we need leadership in this state that is willing to go out and promote Missouri’s advantages to high-quality companies with proven job creation ability.


I am 100% pro-life. The impact of Roe v. Wade, which was decided the very year I was born, is something that I am constantly reminded of. To help encourage more expectant mothers to choose life, I have served on the board for many pregnancy centers that provide resources like ultrasounds and educational information to mothers. Protecting the lives of the unborn will be one of my top legislative priorities.

Second Amendment

In addition to being an avid hunter, I am a former concealed-carry instructor and owner of a gun store. I believe that the right to keep and bear arms, whether for protection or sport, is fundamental and should not be infringed. In the House of Representatives, I will stand up for our Second Amendment rights and work to protect the heritage of gun ownership in Missouri.